“Blends pretty much every traditional American musical style known to man such as folk, rock, pop, soul,
  country and blues into a crafty and cohesive sound that is engaging from the very first note.”
~ Justin Kreitzer



Come out and see The Yellow Hope play a solo show in San Francisco on Wednesday, August 21st at the Hotel Utah with Scott Gagner and The Far West.

Read and enjoy the fantastic review of Fifty Shades of Yellow by 27 Leggies.

Read and enjoy Andrew Greenhalgh's awesome review of Fifty Shades of Yellow. As always, thanks to all the Yellow Hopefuls for your support which made this review possible.



You can listen to Fifty Shades of Yellow in its entirety for free using the player below.

You can listen to Even the Beautiful Get Lonely (Sometimes) in its entirety for free using the player below.

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The Yellow Hope is a second-generation Korean-American and a first-generation Southerner who grew up in Louisiana. Through an outside-from-within perspective, the Yellow Hope has been able to travel musically without boundaries between all of the rich traditions of Southern-American music. This unique experience provides the raw material for him to write songs rooted deeply in folk, soul, country, jazz, blues, rock, and pop with honesty and authenticity.


The Yellow Hope Project is a collaboration of musicians and artists with the intention of creating honest, heartfelt music rooted deeply in the American traditions of rock, pop, soul, blues, folk and country.



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